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Pond’s Pure White Bamboo Charcoal: Pembersih Handal di Daerah Tropis

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Contoh artikel review produk, Key: sabun muka Pond’s, Jumlah kata: 302

Sabun muka Pond’s (Pond’s Facial Foam) sudah cukup populer di Indonesia, tetapi lini produk Pond’s Pure White yang mencerahkan kulit dengan kandungan karbon dari arang kini mengeluarkan satu produk khusus untuk aksi pembersihan wajah yang lebih mendalam: Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam dengan kandungan arang bambu. Produk ini mudah dikenali jika anda mau membelinya: warna kemasannya hitam seperti Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon, tetapi dengan ilustrasi batang bambu. (more…)

Hermes Birkin London Office: Tote Bag Praktis Wanita Modern

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Contoh Artikel Review Produk Fashion, 300 kata, keyword: tas Hermes

Tote bag adalah aksesori yang sangat populer di kalangan wanita, mulai dari yang feminin sampai yang tomboy. Bentuknya manis, praktis dan ukurannya pas untuk memuat barang-barang penting saat bepergian. Bicara soal tote bag yang trendi, tas Hermes Birkin London Office adalah salah satu tote bag yang cukup jadi incaran, serta digemari berbagai kalangan mulai dari pekerja kantor sampai pekerja seni, wanita feminin sampai yang tomboy. (more…)

Tactical Flashlight from Famous Weapon Manufacturer Now Available for Household Using

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

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Smith & Wesson and household functions are not phrases that usually go together, but this time, the famous weapon manufacturer have applied its trademark precision and tactical function to a Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13, an LED flashlight made for both tactical and household purposes.

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 is considered a product that connects the gap between two different poles in the group of S&W customers; law enforcement and army officers, and civilian users. The Galaxy 13 LED flashlight is made to answer the needs of S&W common customers (who often use S&W products when they do their tasks, go hunting or do other outdoor tasks), but its features also bring common household flashlight to another level. (more…)

Hoover Platinum Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

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Hoover Platinum Upright is a canister vacuum cleaner with unusually elegant appearance and modern features, perfect to be at every modern house, flat and apartment. The vacuum is light, strong in suction and has different cleaning functions for easier household cleaning tasks. It also has special feature to prevent common problems every allergic and asthmatic person must face; the canister prevents dust puffs once all the dirt sucked up. (more…)

Pure Komachi 2 Fuchsia Chef Knife

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Amazon articles, Key: chef knife, Words: 400

Pure Komachi 2 is a chef knife that provides excellent, precise cutting works; from cutting to slicing and mincing, with beautiful monochromatic colors that help you both in brightening the kitchen and providing food safety warranty. With rustproof and corrosion proof material, ergonomic handle and high carbon blade, Pure Komachi is a great partner for all cooks and chefs. (more…)

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