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Evenflo Tribute Baby Car Seat combines comfort, safety and ergonomic aspects to make your baby feels safe and comfortable at the same time. The pink Daisy Doodle theme softens the tough appearance and will make any vehicle interior looks more cheerful. This car seat is great for busy parents who want a chair that is easy to install, comfortable for the kids, safe and easy to clean.


Evenflo Tribute is made of 100% high quality polyester, makes it easy to clean. It has multiple shoulder harnesses with upfront adjustment system. The release system is using a buckle for quicker and easier adjustment. The plush pad is comfortable and can hold up to 40 pounds of burden. The Daisy Doodle theme comes in pink color with cheerful printed flowers all over the pad.


This baby car seat offers safety technology approved by the US Federal Safety Standard as well as Evenflo Safety Test Standard. Here are some specific features from Evenflo Tribute to make your baby comfortable and safe on this seat:

  • Removable armrests.
  • Lightweight, only 11.8 pounds.
  • Seat is tested by side impact and approved by federal safety standard for baby and toddler car seats.
  • Strong structural integrity, able to stand maximum 40 pounds of weight.
  • Shoulder harnesses are easy to adjust (the adjustment system is placed in the front) and restrain the baby well.
  • Can be fitted on rental car, truck and airplane.

Customer’s Opinions

Most reviews for Evenflo Tribute Baby Car Seat are positive, especially among families who are often hit the road or active parents who must take their children in their cars often. The chair is comfortable even for large baby, and the harness adjustment system in front makes adjustment real quick and easy. The polyester also makes the seat easy to clean. There are parents who often bring their babies riding in a truck or plane, and the seat is easily adjusted in these vehicles. The sear is also light enough to carry, even being strapped behind the stroller. However, some have difficulties when trying to use the seat in rear facing position, especially when using the shoulder straps in high position. However, for most front-facing functions, the seat and shoulder harnesses work properly.

In short, Evenflo Tribute Baby Car Seat is a good seat for mobile and active family that needs a light, strong and comfortable baby car seat.


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