Pure Komachi 2 Fuchsia Chef Knife

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Pure Komachi 2 is a chef knife that provides excellent, precise cutting works; from cutting to slicing and mincing, with beautiful monochromatic colors that help you both in brightening the kitchen and providing food safety warranty. With rustproof and corrosion proof material, ergonomic handle and high carbon blade, Pure Komachi is a great partner for all cooks and chefs.

First Look

Pure Komachi 2 chef knife has bright fuchsia color from tip to handle, which is made of FDA approved resin. The color does not only make the knife beautiful, but also easy to spot in the knife rack and helps you use the right knife for different food or ingredients (ex: cooked meat, raw meat, bread, and fish), ensuring food safety. The 8 inch blade has ideal depth for ergonomic cutting movements, from heavy cutting to thin slicing.


This chef knife has mode specific features that make it stands out from other chef knives, such as:

  • Blade is made of high carbon, stainless steel blade. It will retain its sharpness over time and even makes delicate cutting jobs easier.
  • FDA approved coloring resin is bonded to the steel, preventing it from staining food with resin flakes. The resin is also non-stick, makes cutting easier.
  • The handle is lightweight and ergonomic, prevents hand from getting tired. You can stay comfortable even when your kitchen is very busy.

Customers’ Opinions

Overall, Pure Komachi 2 Fuchsia chef knife is considered a good knife for various cutting jobs; from cutting raw fruits and vegetables, raw meat, cooked food, bread, onions, garlic and even frozen beef. Carving meat into thin slices or chopping herbs are reportedly easy. The non stick resin makes cutting job easier and customers also love the food safety aspect that comes from the different color codes between the whole Pure Komachi knife collections. However, since the blade is thin, many customers found difficulties in using the knife for heavier jobs such as cutting the whole pumpkin or cutting through the bone. Plus, hours of cutting jobs are tiresome if most of the works are involving cutting boned meat and hard vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, squash, watermelon and melon. However, the knife is considered good for most cutting jobs.

In conclusion, Pure Komachi 2 Fuchsia chef knife is a beautiful, high quality and long lasting knife good for various cutting jobs, especially the delicate ones.


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