Tactical Flashlight from Famous Weapon Manufacturer Now Available for Household Using

July 9th, 2013 | by Penulis Artikel |

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Smith & Wesson and household functions are not phrases that usually go together, but this time, the famous weapon manufacturer have applied its trademark precision and tactical function to a Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13, an LED flashlight made for both tactical and household purposes.

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 is considered a product that connects the gap between two different poles in the group of S&W customers; law enforcement and army officers, and civilian users. The Galaxy 13 LED flashlight is made to answer the needs of S&W common customers (who often use S&W products when they do their tasks, go hunting or do other outdoor tasks), but its features also bring common household flashlight to another level.

The flashlight is still made solid with metal covered handle and fairly rugged shape, but the overall ruggedness associated with weapon manufacturer products have been limited to also fit in a house, SUV glove compartment or common toolbox. However, S&W has made sure that their signature tactical LED flashlight feature is also present even in the household version: the dual beam colors.

Tactical flashlights have long been made with both white and red beams, usually with the red beam being dimmer than the white one. Red beam is added because it does not attract much attention, so law enforcement officers and hunters can use it to illuminate surrounding areas without exposing themselves to enemies or wild animals. With the red beam present, civilian users can now use their flashlights to do more than just illuminating their surroundings. S&W markets the red beam feature of Galaxy 13 as “valuable when you don’t want to disturb the driver when you need to read map in a car, make an emergency signal after an accident, or watching nocturnal animals without making them running off.”

The red Led has 3.5 lumens, which are bright enough to illuminate the object but not light enough to annoy vision or attract unwanted attentions. With 80 hours of battery capacity for the red LED and 30 hour for the white one, S&W Galaxy 13 is mainly recommended to those who spend a lot of time outdoor or on the road.

Although Smith &Wesson Galaxy 13 is sold publicly, the main market targets are still people with daily tactical jobs such as aviators, hunters, astronomers, emergency responders, and law enforcement officers. However, its extra feature still makes the Galaxy 13 a great LED flashlight for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, truck drivers and home owners.


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